The Ancient Pathways Project

The Ancient Pathways Project is an initiative intended to identify and remove the altars of offense to God in a particular geographic region. As believers are plunging into prayer as never before, this generation is learning to see from Heaven's perspective. Equipped with advanced technology and cyber space, intercessors have more tools at hand than in any other generation before them. Released in God-given endowments, believers are moving against the gates of hell with unprecedented results.

Ever since "spiritual mapping" has become part of the vernacular of our day, intercessors have entered into a realm of discovery that has given new fuel to prayer. As intercessors have begun to take spiritual snapshots of their communities, obstacles to the penetration of the gospel are becoming apparent. Spiritual darkness has been lingering in communities with permission to do so. Unrefutable trends have begun to appear in neighboring cities. Whole regions have begun to emerge with the same dark and undeniable spiritual strongholds. Could it be that regional mapping is the next step to expose the fruitless deeds of darkness?

Upon completion of The Twilight Labyrinth and The Transformations Video, it became increasingly apparent that underneath every continent lay a tangled mass of spiritual roots unseen by the natural eye, and yet manifesting an offense to God. Ancient peoples, weighed down by entanglements with ancestral spirits, entered through portals to North America and eventually traversed ice-free land corridors or river systems to a place they would call home. They cried out to demonic entities for protection from the elements in return for their undying affection and worship to malevolent forces. The King of Glory, their Creator and Keeper, was neither called upon nor worshiped. They left behind a trail littered with high places and ancient altars, remembrances of covenants made and renewed throughout successive generations. We now reap the consequences of these false covenants in our communities today.

Exposure of these ancient defilements, with the goal of removal, is at the heart of the Ancient Pathways Project. The early peoples left their signature drawn on the walls of caves, carved in rocks, and under cairns, exposing many clues to their encounters with the realm of darkness. But now the Holy Spirit is revealing Achan's spoils in many communities, in many nations, at an astonishing rate. When research and prayer reveal compelling evidence, repudiation and repentance will take place, including present-day ancestors of the offending peoples in the prayer process. Prophetic acts, in response to informed prayer, producing lasting fruit, will be seen all over the continent. The Ancient of Days will be welcomed in! We will see transformation as the permanent handiwork of the Lord, revealing the presence of the King in our communities.

Mareth Warren, Coordinator
Ancient Pathways Project, North America
The Sentinel Group


Root Bondages


Adaptive Deceptions


    Basically root bondages relate to the kind of thing we are dealing with through Ancient Pathways. We are talking about the chronology and preeminence of covenants, not specific types of sin. Everything comes down to covenants.


    Old, active covenants are root bondages. New or prevailing bondages are merely adaptive deceptions.


    Root bondages are entirely spiritual. Related to explicit covenants between a person/people and false gods. Thus, it is shallow and superficial to say as many did a few years back that the root bondage in Albania was Communism. No, Communism was an adaptive deception that grew out of a covenantal root still planted in fertile spiritual soil. Root bondages are related to motive and initial intent, not a specific manifestation of that choice.

George Otis, Jr. - 6 March 1999


Ancient Pathways Article by Gary DeVeau


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