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        Gary DeVeau is the executive director of Isaiah 54 Ministries which is a ministry of Reconciliation, between man and God and between man and his fellow man through the Christian disciplines of Worship, Inner Healing and Spiritual Warfare.

        Isaiah 54 Ministries also serves as the umbrella for the many ministries he is affiliated with.

        You may remember Gary from WLIX AM Radio. During Gary's tenure at WLIX AM Radio his positions included on air production, Account Executive and On Air Personality. Since the sale of WLIX he has worked to help unite and strengthen the Body Of Christ by working in unity with many ministries and by promoting Christian Media.  He has, also, spearheaded Long Island S.H.O.R.E.; which stands for "
Long Island Spiritual History, Observation & Research Enterprise".  This branch of the ministry focuses in on the teaching and practical applications of Spiritual Mapping.  Gary has co-authored, with Eileen Koff, a study book entitled "Transformations - Ourselves & Our Communities" and the Inner Healing Prayer Workbook entitled "Steps To Inner Healing".


        Gary served faithfully as the Spearhead for the North Atlantic Corridor Project aspect of the Ancient Pathways Project for The Sentinel GroupHe also worked deep within enemy-lines as the administrator for The Sentinel Group's Spiritual Mapping Forum, a private message board; facilitating Spiritual Mappers, Intercessors and Ministry Leaders working around the world.

        Gary was a columnist and staff reporter for the Christian Life-Times Newspaper and has been a Christian concert and festival promoter for many years. He has hosted, and ministered in song at The Long Island Christian Music Festival, Praise Him Long Island, The Jones Beach/Forest Park Bandshell Concert Series, the Jesus Alive Concert Series, The Walk In Love For Jesus Celebration, and was prayer rally coordinator for The Global March For Jesus in Suffolk County.

        Gary has been interviewed on the TELECARE television network, the Trinity Broadcasting Network as well as Radio Stations WGBB, WFRS, WMCA and WTHE .


   Currently, Gary has been very busy with Internet Ministry work.  He was asked to join the New WLIX FM Radio, and after prayer and seeking the Father's heart - he accepted.  Gary is now producing and hosting the live radio show "Midweek With Gary DeVeau", every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. WLIX Radio is an exciting and daring radio venture.  To the best of our knowledge, no one has ever tried to use a Low Powered FM signal to reach such a potentially huge listener base - using six (6) tremendous towers to simulcast Christian Music & Programming across Long Island!  We also have a faithful audience via the Internet with the live streaming audio found at http://wlixradio.com/  .


    Gary has found that, through it all, there is no greater satisfaction then to lead one new soul to the knowledge that Jesus is LORD; or to lead one believer to the knowledge of who they truly are in Christ.


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