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As children of God, we are to forgive like Christ forgave us. Our example is that Jesus forgave those who were crucifying Him as He hung on the cross.

At times, the results of other people's sins come upon us. Examples are sexual and ritual abuse, rape, incest, parents killed by a drunk driver, war, or natural disaster. These events wound us to our very core. This often happens as a small child. At that time in our lives, we do not have the ability to understand what is happening to us. That makes it very difficult to cope with the stress or trauma.  Through unforgiveness, we become bound to the offender (s) and the painful memory will not heal.  Unless we forgive and release the offender (s), we will continue to recall the hurt, rejection and betrayal. We will continue to feel pain, be angry and often depressed. Some people harbor unforgiveness for years after the person who hurt them has died. The perpetrator may be dead 30 or more years and the survivor is still tormented today by what this person did. It is like a chain linking them to the offender.

Unforgiveness opens the door for demonic forces. God's word in tells us that we will be delivered over to the tormentors if we do not forgive (Matthew 18:34-35). Pain and hurtful memories will start to heal after forgiveness. Sometimes, the hurtful memory will be completely erased. We must let go of any unforgiveness to have peace and healing.

Forgiveness is not an emotion or feeling but an act of our will. It is making a heart decision to let go of our right to make the offender pay. It is trusting God to deal with them in His way. The only way to be free is to forgive and release the person (s) who caused pain or harm. After we forgive and release them, we are in a place to receive healing.




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