Steps To Inner Healing

This workbook is a tool in taking individuals through a process of inner healing. Through this process of prayer and encouragement, guided by the council of the Holy Spirit, individuals are able to conquer "giants" set there by abuse, abandonment, occult involvement, rebellion, soul ties and other sins ruling in their lives. Individuals learn about their position in Christ, including both the benefits and the responsibilities. As the abundant life promised by Christ is experienced we gain victory over guilt, shame and fears that hold us in bondage. We also acknowledge that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but rather against spiritual powers and principalities. Our adversary, the Devil, is extremely aggressive and divisive in his methods of warfare, therefore we must maintain an active and intelligent position in the battle. We believe that every believer can and should be able to overcome the Evil One themselves by knowing "who they are in Christ". However, sometimes we need another believer to come along side and help us to find out why we're unable to live a victorious life.

The following workbook is the result of many years of research into the works of several inner healing and deliverance ministries.

Isaiah 54 Ministries has compiled components of this work along with our own findings to make this workbook a practical working guide.  Although it was originally written to assist Inner Healing Counselors, we have seen success, when it is used as a guideline for personal prayer work and transformation.




 Topics Covered In The Book


Prayer For Protection During Ministry Time

Renouncing Deception And Seeking A Life Of Truth

Confession Of Faith And Position In Christ

Prayer For Forgiveness

Prayer To Repent For Having A Proud Spirit

Prayer To Renounce Rebellion

Prayer Dealing With Moral Issues

Prayer To Break Satanic Dedication And Blood Covenants

Confession And Deliverance From Occult Sins

Breaking Curses, Spells And Incantations

Prayer To Break Soul Ties Or Cords Of Bondage

Prayer Of Release For Freemasons And Their Descendants

Statement Of The Rule Of The Victor

Prayer Of Doctrinal Affirmation

Also: Counselor notes on various topics


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